Photo Viewpoints in Wells Gray Park

"Near the top of the list of photo opportunities is the Green Mountain viewing Tower, giving  270º views of the entire valley a perfect place to capture that elusive sunrise or sunset shot."

If you love pure wilderness, waterfalls and wildlife, Wells Gray will not leave you disappointed. Mountain rivers cut through ancient lava beds to form impressive valleys and geography. Witness some of Canada's most impressive waterfalls, including world-famous 140 meter high, Helmcken Falls.

There is abundant wildlife throughout the park and a trip up the main park road is almost a guarantee to see something interesting. For soft adventure, there are many short, easy walks from the main road that lead to impressive lookouts. And of course there are many great hiking trails for the more adventurous.  A boat trip up the Clearwater and Azure lake is a great sightseeing experience.

Views from "Green Mountain Tower" in Wells Gray Park

Green Mountain viewing tower looking towards Battle Mountain and the Trophies
Kostal Kone Volcano fro Green Mountain Tower   View or Murtle Lake from the Green Mountain Tower

Although there are many items within Wells Gray Park that match perfectly with that bucket list the iconic waterfalls  will fill your memory card with images unrivalled in their majesty.


Views of "Dawson , Helmcken & Sylvia falls" in Wells Gray Park

Many of the photo opportunities within Wells Gray Park can be captured form the comfort of your car or after a short walk from the parking lot however with a little effort and a pair of hiking boots you can really discover what we are famous for and capture images that will stir the soul and you will discover  "Canada you imagined"


Dawson Falls in Wells Gray Park a stunning experience at any time of the year   Helmcken Falls in Wells Gray Park 4th highest in Canada and just awesome !!!

Views from "Trophy Mountain Flower meadows and raft peak" in Wells Gray Park

After a ninety minute hike you reach the Trophy Mountain Flower Meadows   Trappers cabins in Wells Gray Park   Pick a mountain in Wells Gray Park , they all give awesome photo ops no matter the season