Tandem Paragliding - Be the Bird

Do you dream of flying? Then take a tandem paragliding journey and fly like an eagle. An experienced instructor will teach you how birds and paragliders fly and bring you to spectacular views of the North Thompson Valley and surrounding peaks.


This is for everybody with an adventurous soul. The 2.5 hour roundtrip might change your life. Feel the wind in your face and soar with the birds, only then will you know why they sing!


Follow in the slipstream of eagles, vultures and ravens as you soar along the mountain side higher and higher.  Experience the purest way of flying and feel the adrenaline through your veins.

Run till your feet no longer touch the ground. Than sit back, relax and enjoy the true freedom of flying.

 Whether you take the smooth morning soaring flight or the afternoon active thermal flight, rest assured – you will find out why birds sing.



Guides and Outfitters

XSky Paragliding, Phone: 250-674-1108, Email: XskyParagliding@gmail.com, Website: XskyParagliding.com

When to go

  • May – October is the best time to fly - weather dependent.

Need to know

  • No experience necessary – An experienced certified pilot will take you for a smooth (AM) or active (PM) flight, depending on time of day.
  • Safety is number ONE. This is a one-on-one instructional flying adventure with a focused safety briefing.
  • Bring some good footwear (running shoes), something that give you good ankle support, as you are required to do a short run on take-off. Also bring a warm jacket to wear.
  • Allow about 2 ½ hours for the round trip – that is from the time we pick you up to the time you will be back.
  • You will depart from the El Nido flying site @ Birch Island. Average flying time on the paraglider is 15 -20 min. Mother Nature determines the length of flight. Sometimes the flights are longer than average, sometimes a bit shorter.
  • The min. weight for a passenger is 40 kg, the max. is 100kg.
  • We provide free transport from the landing zone at Birch Island to take off and back.
  • As the activity is weather dependent, book your paragliding experience earlier during your stay in Clearwater rather than later. That way you have a better greater chance of flying.
  • It is important for all customers to declare any medical conditions. Please note this does not necessarily exclude a person form doing our activity.