Whitewater Rafting - Make a Splash

Paddle churning white water rapids. Take a lazy float along a slow running river. Ride a watery rollercoaster of chutes, volcanic canyons and flats. Follow in the wake of the first Overlanders.  Kick back, relax and keep your eyes peeled for eagles, bears and high-jumping salmon. Experience epic adventure that sets your pulse racing.

Whether you indulge in a quiet float through Wells Gray wilderness or embark on a wide-eyed, wild ride on the Clearwater River’s roiling rapids, one thing is certain – you’ll make a splash rafting and kayaking Wells Gray.

Photo : Interior Whitewater Expeditions  

Pick Your Adventure – Local Outfitters

Class I or Class V rapids? A family float or an extreme adventure? Kayak, canoe or inflatable raft? A three-hour injection of high-adrenaline fun, or an overnight expedition? Pick your adventure – there are plenty of ways to kayak and raft Wells Gray. Three expert outfitters  take the guesswork out of getting on the river and with a full range of experiences, you’ll find the perfect rafting trip for you.

Family Friendly Floating on the North Thompson River

Slip on a lifejacket and follow in the wake of the first Overlanders, floating the North Thompson River. Soak up the sun. Experience the grandeur of the great outdoors, scanning the horizon for grazing deer and bear.

Watch eagles fish from treetops. Learn how to paddle the right way! Listen to legends of the fur trade and Gold Rush as you navigate past a whole shoreline of inspiring scenery.

Each outfitter offers a different family-friendly floating experience – which one you choose is up to you. Just remember: a keen sense of adventure and a waterproof camera are all you’ll need to create a lifetime worth of memories.

  Take the whole family on a float down the North Thompson River: Photo  Interior Whitewater Expeditions


Adrenaline Rush –
White Water Rafting

Gear up for an epic adventure and paddle the Clearwater River’s wild white water. Meet up with the rest of your crew at your pre-trip safety briefing and get ready to share the ride of a lifetime.

Feel the spray on your face and your heart start to race as you rocket through Sabre tooth Canyon. Bounce over boulders and around watery bends. Swim in the flats, shower in a waterfall and marvel at the wilderness that surrounds you. Master the techniques needed to safely navigate seething pools of water under the direction of your expert guide and check another item off your bucket list. Rafting and kayaking the Clearwater River delivers the water-fuelled adventure you dreamed of.

Overnight Expeditions

Conquer white water by day, count the stars in the sky at night - combine the two & you’ve got the quintessential Canadian wilderness experience. Local outfitters offer a variety of multi-day excursions that combine the wonders of Wells Gray white water and camping out in the park.

When to Go

  • Mid-May to mid-July offers the most high water fun on both the North Thompson and Clearwater Rivers. Expect Class I to VI rapids at this time of year.
  • Mid-July to September is the perfect time for family floats on the North Thompson. Expect Class I to IV rapids on the Clearwater this time of year.
  Setting up base camp on a multi day trip down the Clearwater River  Photo Interior Whitewater Expeditions

Need to Know

  • Fed by glacial melt from the Caribou and Monashee Mountains, the North Thompson is your staging ground for family-friendly floating and guided river adventures with plenty of postcard-worthy scenery and abundant wildlife opportunities.
  • The Clearwater River flows from lake-to-lake, down vast canyons through the heart of the park. This is your playground for pure adrenaline-soaked white water adventures
  • No experience necessary – outfitters offer a variety of experiences from gentle river floats in flat water to white-knuckle adventures through Class V rapids.
  • Safety is the top priority – each guided expedition gets underway with a comprehensive safety briefing – when you’re comfortable the on-water adventures begin.
  • Each outfitter provides personal flotation devices.
  • Three-hour, full-day and multi-day excursions are available from three local outfitters.
  • Bring sun protection, insect repellent and a waterproof camera.

Whitewater Rafting Guides and Outfittters

Interior Whitewater Expeditions
Box 393, Young Road
Clearwater, BC. V0E 1N0
Email: rafting @interiorwhitewater.com
Phone: 1.250.674.3727
  Liquid Lifestyles
440 Eden Road
Clearwater ,BC. V0E 1N1
Email:  info@liquidlifestyles.ca
Phone: 1.250.674.3307
  Riverside Adventures
 42- Young Road
Clearwater, BC.
Email: info@riveradventures.ca
Phone: 1.250.318.5223