Courses and Education

Traditional Skills for a Sustainable Future
Learn how to forage for wild edible and medicinal plants, learn how to build a shelter and a fire, make fresh cheese, and or practice your archery and axe throwing.


Wolfwood Survival and Traditional Skills School

Wolfwood Survival and Traditional Skills School is a unique centre for learning about survival, simple living, homesteading and emergency preparedness. Respect for nature as a whole is paramount to the Wolfwood philosophy.

Located on a 160 acre guest ranch in the heart of Wells Gray, it's a pristine wilderness area with a focus on sustainability. Courses range from 2 hours to 2 days in length and are priced between $49 and $250 and many are appropriate for all ages including children.

Consider staying at Wolfwood Guest Ranch while you enjoy learning some new skills.


For a truly unique and unforgettable experience consider bringing friends, family and or loved ones to join you as you enjoy your stay in heritage cabins, sitting around the campfire, and enjoying animal sightings.




To book your course or learn more:

Courses run by appointment only please contact us:
Phone: 250 674 2126
or email:

Overnight courses include: camping spot, breakfast and dinner utilizing many farm fresh products, non alcoholic beverages, experienced instructors & course materials,
All prices in CDN $. Boxed lunches available for a fee or feel free to bring your own

Custom courses and corporate team building seminars available on request.

Available courses:

  • Wild Edibles and Medicinal Plants Walk – 2 hours $49
  • Grass Coil Basket Making – 3 hours $79
  • Basic Wilderness Survival – 3-4 hours $89
  • Archery and / or Throwing Axe – 2 hours $49
  • Primitive Fire Making – 2 hours $49
  • Cheese Making – 3 hours $79
  • Cordage – 2-3 hours $49
  • Fire Starting Through the Ages In Depth – 4 hours $85
  • Knife Craft – 3 hours $79
  • Atlatl Making – Full Day $125
  • Emergency Kit Use – Full Day $125, group of 2 or more $85 per person
  • Bushcraft 101 – Full Day $125, groups of 2 or more $85 per person
  • Prepping – Full Day $125
  • Prepping 2 – 2 Full Days $250
  • Shelter Building – 2 Days $250
  • Family Survival Skills – 2 Days $250, Kids $75