4 Reasons to Love Christmas Time in Wells Gray

Skip the long lines and crowded malls. Instead relax, recharge and reconnect with nature and your family in Wells Gray and Clearwater this holiday season.

1. Frozen Waterfalls

You've never seen winter look as beautiful as it does in Wells Gray Provincial Park. On a self-guided winter waterfall tour, you’ll see four different falls each transformed into living sculptures. (Helmcken, Spahats, Mushbowl, and Dawson Falls)

(Helmcken Falls, Canada's 4th highest)

(Triple Decker Falls, Clearwater, BC. Holly Louwerse Photography)

2. Christmas Trees and the Promise of a White Christmas  

With 1.3 million acres of mostly coniferous forests, we are literally surrounded by Christmas trees magically draped in white snow. A snowshoe or x-country ski down the groomed Majerus Farm trail which will let you breathe in the pure winter air along the Murtle River while you gaze at the tree covered mountains and volcanoes in the distance.

(Photo: Doug Smith, Hike Kamloops The Murtle River with Pyramid Mountain behind)

(Clearwater River Trail, Photo: Chance Breckenridge)

3. Cozy Cabins

After your outings in the Park, warm your feet by the fire, gaze out the window at snow covered valleys and peek at the wildlife. Take some time to relax, get cozy, and slow down. Bring your favourite book or your favourite friend to get the most out of the unique cabins in Wells Gray.

(A moose peers in at the Ludtke Cottage at Clearwater Springs Ranch)

Here’s our top cabin picks that just ooze rustic charm:
Ludtke Cottage in the valley close to the Park

Nakiska Ranch in the valley near the Park

Riverside Guesthouse overlooking the Clearwater River

4. Jolly Events and Unique Gifts

The community comes together in December for a great line up of Christmas and Holiday events. Without a mall or long line up in sight, you can find the perfect handmade gift you’re sure NOT to find anywhere else. Or try your hand at making your own. Check out local events here.

Here’s our top picks for handmade and unique gifts:
Red Umbrella: A gorgeously curated shop run by a group of local artists that offers paintings, prints, fine chocolates, pottery and much more that can only be found here in Clearwater. Check store hours here.

Mystic Dreams: Purveyor of all things groovy, this shop has everything you need to find your zen and introduce a bit of the exotic into your home and life. Need a Himalayan Salt Lamp or crystals to re-balance your chakras? They've got those too. Check their wares and hours here.

Greffards and Greenscapes: 
Pamper yourself handmade oils, soaps, and candles. The shelves are fully stocked with carefully selected toys to delight any child. This shop is a crafter's paradise with supplies to make any project you can dream of. Or dress yourself with cozy wool socks and performance long johns and under layers for your winter show shoeing at your one-stop holiday shop. Shop their hours here.

The Strawberry Moose Snackery makes scrumptious desserts you can take home with you for a no fail Christmas dinner finale.

(Melt in your mouth chocolate covered shortbread at the Strawberry Moose Snackery)