Wells Gray Park Update

Conditions and Access update as of 4 pm Jan 21 2020

Spahats Falls: Access 11kms up Park Road. Road is plowed for ~100 meters in from Park Road. There is room for at least 4 vehicles to Park. The trail in is packed down from visitor use and snowshoes are not required. From where you can park it is about a 15 minute walk to viewing platform. The viewing platform and fence have not cleared and can be uneven in places. Mind the fence. As the trail is just packed down, it can be uneven and slippery. Those at risk of slipping or falling might consider bringing walking/ski poles.  The washrooms at Spahats are closed in the winter, but here is an outhouse at the site for use. (As the fence clearance is currently not being maintained, visitors use the site at their own risk.)

Moul Falls: Access 20 Kms up Park Road. This 6km roundtrip hike will take you to see Moul Falls. The Parking lot is currently plowed and has room for at least 5 vehicles. The trail to the fenced area overlooking the falls is in good shape and packed down well (not groomed) It is possible to walk, snowshoe, (and x-country ski part way). There are several downed trees along the last 1/3 of the trail which you can climb over or walk around. It is recommend that X-country skiers leave their skis at the Park Boundary to avoid skiing into the downed trees past this point. Visitors who wish to access the base of the falls in the winter do so that their own risk and should take extreme caution as the trail is steep and there is a long set of steep and very icy stairs. Visitors should be careful and use caution around the falls as the ice can move and fall at any time.

Green Mountain Tower: 36 km up Park road. Access not plowed.

Majerus Farm:
Access 39 kms up Park road. Parking lot is plowed. Warming hut and outhouse at trailhead/ parking lot are open. Currently trail is not being tracked or groomed and there are numerous downed trees along the trail.

Dawson Falls:
Access 40 kms up Park Road. Visitors who wish to access Dawson Falls should Park in the Commercial Bus Parking area that is plowed during the winter (all vehicles can use in the winter as the summer Parking lot is not plowed.) The trail to the viewing area is packed down by use and there are two outhouses that are open at the start of the trail.

South Rim Trail: 41.1 kms up Park road. Access not plowed

Mushbowl Falls: Access 41.5kms up the Park road. Park road and one land bridge are Clearwater and maintained.

Pyramid Campground Access:  Access is 42 kms up Park Road. Plowed in from Park road ~50 metres. Room for at least 2 vehicles to Park.

Helmcken Falls: Access at 43 km up Park road. Road to Helmcken Falls is plowed an maintained. Park at summer bus parking. There is a trail cleared and maintained all season long to the viewing platform. There are two outhouses that are open near the start of the trail.

Yellow Gate and Clearwater Lake: Access at 42.5 kms up the Park road. The dirt road from this point to Clearwater Lake is closed during the winter to vehicle access. There is a space cleared which can fit several vehicles for parking and those who might wish to snowshoe or cross-country ski along the road. It is not currently being tracked or groomed.

Know Before You Go:

·There is no cell phone service in Wells Gray Provincial Park. There are no services (gas stations or restaurants in the Park during the winter). Visitors should plan to fuel up and stock up in Clearwater, the Gateway to Wells Gray Park which is at the start of the Park road. There are a number of hotels, cabins, and B&Bs open in the winter in Clearwater and along the Park Road.

·Keep in mind local sunrise and sunset times to ensure you have enough daylight while out on the trails. If you might be out late, bring a flashlight or headlamp.

·Have a plan- Let someone know when you plan to return from the Park. Check weather forecasts and warnings.

·Most trails are packed down from use and do not require snowshoes, however sturdy warm boots are recommended as well as appropriate winter clothing. Ice cleats can be helpful.

·Be prepared for winter driving conditions including ensuring you have winter tires. Check Drive BC for highway updates and information.

·For more winter travel tips see: https://www.adventuresmart.ca/